Item Condition

With Vintage / old model kits, the model itself inside the box was never placed in a sealed plastic bag as they are today. Aurora, Revell, Airfix, Monogram, Matchbox and other manufacturers left the kit loose in the box, forcing many suppliers and shop owners to tape the sides of the boxes to ensure they are not opened and parts are not lost before being sold. 

Because of this method of old packaging, many of the vintage kits may have missing parts, tape marks and box damage. VPMT as a matter of course, when receiving a vintage kit loose in the box will make every effort to check that all parts are present, then place the kit into a sealed plastic bag to ensure the parts remain with the box and prevent any of the contents from spilling out during shipping. Unless specified in the description, all kits are complete.  I will also note if any of the parts in the kit are broken, assembled or painted. Remember we are human and we do miss things and in some cases the kit goes out with a missing part. All you need to do is to contact us to sort it out. 

Vintage model kits may have a number of mold marks, molding burn marks, molding defects and other imperfections, remember these kits are usually purchased by collectors and don't intend to build them. They are hard to build, If you are not prepared to put a bit of work into building the kit, then these old kits are not for you. 

The condition description of each kit or Item is my interpretation only. You will have to make up your own mind if you agree or not by studying the pictures provided, what you see is what you get. If you require any further photos or information, just ask.  

Please note: unless detailed in the description, all kits contain Decals and Instruction sheets. 

 Please remember that a majority of the models kits offered for sale can be up to forty (40) plus years old and the decals are near useless in a majority of cases. There are a number of ways to restore decals sheets Showen on the internet, if you wish to do so don't be surprised if you can't retore them.
I will make every attempt to provide you with an accurate description including box and decal condition. This also applies to all other items offered of this site. I do stress, once you receive your kits / items ordered, inspect them on arrival, DO NOT leave this for months later, VPMT will not accept a return.    

 Old toys made from plastic and other materials that tend to become very brittle over the years, electrical components "wiring etc" do deteriorate, we do test toys in stock before shipping to ensure they actually do work. We will make every attempt to pack them securely and remember, if the item is factory sealed, we will NOT break the seal to ensure the item is working. This also applies to model kits; we will NOT break the seal to check for missing parts. If any of the parts are missing in a factory sealed kit or where the contents are factory sealed, VPMT will not be responsible for their replacement. Once you break the seal, either kit or contents factory seal it's all yours, I will try to assist if I have another part on hand.