Item Condition

VPMT can / provide you a number of services if in stock :

1. Replacement model parts

2. Replacement instruction sheets

3. Old Model magazines and books

4. Kit Decal sheets

Please remember that a majority of pre-owned model kits are between over thirty to fifty years old and the decals are near useless. I will explain condition of each item as best as possible.



VPMT ships to most places around the world, it Excludes:

Sierra Leone, French Guiana, Gambia, Mayotte, Cameroon, Guyana, Azerbaijan Republic, Macau, Suriname, Kenya, Argentina, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Eritrea, Togo, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), Burundi, Iraq, Equatorial Guinea, Thailand, Mauritania, Philippines, Uruguay, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Western Sahara, Congo, Republic of the, Colombia, Comoros, Israel, Benin, Algeria, Zambia, Somalia, Swaziland, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Laos, Pakistan, Niger, Tanzania, Ukraine, Burkina Faso, Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela, Ghana, Reunion, Djibouti, Chile, Cape Verde Islands, China, Mali, Botswana, Madagascar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Paraguay, Saint Helena, Rwanda, Liberia, Seychelles, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Libya, Nigeria, Lesotho, Central African Republic, Gabon Republic, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Guinea, Jordan, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Chad, Turkmenistan, India, Mexico, Yemen, Afghanistan, Africa, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Malawi, Nicaragua, Angola, South America, Tunisia, Uganda, Brazil, Egypt,  Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, South Africa,

If you do live in any of the above locations, just drop me a line, I may ship to your location under certain conditions and you except liability.


Please note: I will not ship built models, they will not last the trip without being broken, no matter how well you pack them. I would prefer you look at the built model before you purchase. 

Points to note:
Shipping Charges are based on - Weight, Size, Location and Value.
All orders over $50.00 will require a SIGNATURE on arrival (See below)
Insurance will also be required with orders over $50.00 - We recommend insurance with any orders you make.

Due to the high price of postage, it has now forced VPMT to push this "insurance" due to the number of items that have been lost 
due to Australia posts and other international postal services being unable to deliver the mail correctly.
Please don't complain about shipping costs, complain to your postal Service. 

Many international customers complain about Shipping cost from Australia. Before you complain about shipping costs trying ordering stuff from Europe and the US it, costs us a small fortune to get items delivered to Australia, so don't complain until you look in your own backyard.  

If you don't want it sent via registered post "Signature" please contact me to discuss.
If you don't want registered post and the item doesn't arrive due to the postal service losing it, VPMT will not be held accountable nor refund the price of the item.

All items posted within Australia will have a tracking number, this doesn't mean they won't lose the item, again VPMT will not be accountable for the loss nor refund the price of the item. 

** Minimum shipping charge is $12.00 within Australia.

Australian Orders: If you require the item in a rush, please be advised that the best method of postage is Express post,

usually, overnight. This method is expensive, you can ask for a quote.

Delivery times vary for State to State (Australia), generally about a week in a majority of cases.

All orders are shipped via Australia Post, orders will be processed and shipped only after the payment is completed.  VPMT dispatches parcels twice a week.  

Without exception all orders need to be signed for and cannot be left unattended. If no one is present at the delivery address the order will

be transferred to your local Post Office for your collection.

  *** If you live in the Sydney area, I can arrange to meet you at a central point or arranged location. 

For international, depending on shipping method could be anything up to three (3) months.  Please note: VPMT is not responsible for any additional chargers your country imposes on your order, such as Import taxes, customs duties and all other charges your order may incur entering your country.      

 Boxes to send to VPMT

There are many sources for free boxes in Australia and I guess in many countries around the world, can be obtained mainly from retail outlets such as Bunnings etc, which are perfect for shipping.  Remember to larger the box, the higher the cost of shipping.

For many of the larger and odd shape kits, there are no boxes that would fit them.  Want you need to do is wrap them in bubble plastic wrap then cut up a box and make tailor make your box to fit.


To minimise box / kit damage and loss of parts, my recommendations are as follows: 

1. Always use a thin rubber band around each kit "not too tight as it would damage the box " This will always stop loose parts from falling out into the packing box. For high valued kits place the contents of kit into a self-sealing bag. This is done to most of kits purchased from VPMT. 

2. Work out how many kits you are sending and pack them neatly into the packing box to minimise space, fill empty spaces with newspaper, and foam balls, be sure you use non-staining, as the colour from the packing material will transfer on the kits box and devolve the kit. 

3. When you finally get to taping the box for shipping, ensure you tape up all of the seams and corners, this will ensure any loose bits will remain inside the shipping box.


Customer Services

Customer Services

Hold Policy: All orders will be held for up to seven days (7) this will allow time for mailed payments to arrive and to give you enough time to get back to me. If notification and or payment is not received after one week, items ordered will be cancelled and the items will be returned to stock. If payments are made by cheque (Australia Only) please allow at least 6 days to clear.


 VPMT Specialises in out of production, hard to find plastic model kits, Sci fi statues and toys. We are always looking for collections to purchase.


We also stock a wide range of Radio Control Aircraft and Helicopters, with a majority of them are now out of production and still sealed in their boxes.

Looking for an item, if you can't find on the Website please drop me a line, I may have what you're looking for. I'm adding items all the time, so there is every chance I may have it.

I also keep, too many to list, a large collection of the following: 

1.  books and magazines  

2. Aftermarket model accessories

3. Aftermarket Decals and kit decals

4. Empty model boxes

5. Instruction sheets.  

6. Model kit parts, 

I'm still an active model builder, so if you require any advice about building old model kits, please don't hesitate in sending me an email. Remember that old kits do have moulding faults and are very basic with little detail and in some cases are difficult to build.

Special Note: I'm happy to provide you additional pictures of the item if requested. 

VPMT also provides a model building service, quotes will be provided on demand, prices will depend on a number of factors:

1. Type of kit - Aircraft, ship, Si-Fi, military etc
2. Scale / size.
3. Subject.
4. Time estimated to complete the model.


Item Condition

Item Condition

With Vintage / old model kits, the model itself inside the box was never placed in a sealed plastic bag as they are today. Aurora, Revell, Airfix, Monogram, Matchbox and other manufacturers left the kit loose in the box, forcing many suppliers and shop owners to tape the sides of the boxes to ensure they are not opened and parts are not lost before being sold. 

Because of this method of old packaging, many of the vintage kits may have missing parts, tape marks and box damage. VPMT as a matter of course, when receiving a vintage kit loose in the box will make every effort to check that all parts are present, then place the kit into a sealed plastic bag to ensure the parts remain with the box and prevent any of the contents from spilling out during shipping. Unless specified in the description, all kits are complete.  I will also note if any of the parts in the kit are broken, assembled or painted. Remember we are human and we do miss things and in some cases the kit goes out with a missing part. All you need to do is to contact us to sort it out. 

Vintage model kits may have a number of mold marks, molding burn marks, molding defects and other imperfections, remember these kits are usually purchased by collectors and don't intend to build them. They are hard to build, If you are not prepared to put a bit of work into building the kit, then these old kits are not for you. 

The condition description of each kit or Item is my interpretation only. You will have to make up your own mind if you agree or not by studying the pictures provided, what you see is what you get. If you require any further photos or information, just ask.  

Please note: unless detailed in the description, all kits contain Decals and Instruction sheets. 

 Please remember that a majority of the models kits offered for sale can be up to forty (40) plus years old and the decals are near useless in a majority of cases. There are a number of ways to restore decals sheets Showen on the internet, if you wish to do so don't be surprised if you can't retore them.
I will make every attempt to provide you with an accurate description including box and decal condition. This also applies to all other items offered of this site. I do stress, once you receive your kits / items ordered, inspect them on arrival, DO NOT leave this for months later, VPMT will not accept a return.    

 Old toys made from plastic and other materials that tend to become very brittle over the years, electrical components "wiring etc" do deteriorate, we do test toys in stock before shipping to ensure they actually do work. We will make every attempt to pack them securely and remember, if the item is factory sealed, we will NOT break the seal to ensure the item is working. This also applies to model kits; we will NOT break the seal to check for missing parts. If any of the parts are missing in a factory sealed kit or where the contents are factory sealed, VPMT will not be responsible for their replacement. Once you break the seal, either kit or contents factory seal it's all yours, I will try to assist if I have another part on hand. 





Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

When ordering please insure you place the Reference stated in the description. e.g.  S/AF 2 (1) on your order. As this identifies the model, especially if there a multiple of the kit available.  Also, please ensure you enter your full address when you place an enquiry, this will aid me calculating shipping. 

If you require additional pictures of the item, please request them, what you see in the pictures that are provided is what you get. I will try and display the kit in full where possible. All items displayed on the website are in stock. If the item description has SALE PENDING displayed, the item is held for someone else until I receive a reply or payment. 

Simply list all items you wish to purchase by pressing the "add to order enquiry" and follow the steps and email to VPMT.  I'll reply with the shipping costs within 48hrs (expect on Australian Public holidays) and if you want to go ahead with the purchase, you just make the payment.  You are under no obligation to purchase; stock will simply go back on to the shelf if payment is not completed within seven (7) days. Please remember when you submit your enquiry the items are reserved for you and no one else can purchase, so please after you receive the shipping quote just let me know if you wish to proceed or not, that way I can relist the items as available.    

Please note: I will not ship built models, they will not last the trip without being broken, no matter how well you pack them.


If you wish to pick up the items you ordered, this will be arrangement only, DON'T simply assume I'll in my warehouse every day. 

If you intend to visit the warehouse to pick up your order, please note, I only except cash "NOT Credit Cards". Or you can pay for your order before you arrive.


1.  Via Direct deposit "No Fees" Australia only into the following Account - Be sure you state, who paid the funds and order number if given one.

NAB Bank (National Australia Bank)

BSB: 082 494 within Australia / International Transfers BIC/SWIFT - NATAAU3303M

Account No. 45 329 9148 - this is the preferred method (Be sure you place your name on the payment when using this method)

2. Via Pay Pal     Note: there will be a 4.5% charge if you use this method. Pay to

3. Cash if picking up yourself. 

4. Money order, international or domestic (Australia). All prices shown on this website are in Australian Dollars (AUD) 

Important Notice: Please ensure that you are over 18 years old, you have read & accepted the Terms & Conditions
and the Privacy Policy.