Toys and Model Trades

VPMT do trade model kits and other collectible items. I will come to you if based around the Sydney / Canberra areas, alternately you come to my warehouse situated in Smeaton Grange " Near Camden" NSW, this would be by appointment only. This will also applies for those people who wish to visit and view the inventory.

If you reside in another state or overseas send me photos of what you have to offer, for model kits just stack them up and face the ends towards the camera (see example), you should be able to get quite a few in the picture. You will also need to provide me the condition of the item and model kits, please indicate:

1. Box condition
2. Decals condition
3. Missing items
4. Box open with contents sealed or unsealed
5. Factory external sealed
6. Individual price or collection price
7. Condition of Instruction Sheet